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Regulatory Consulting


With the regulatory landscape ever changing
DBFS can provide hundreds of collective years’
of regulatory expertise for discovery, planning
and implementation

We provide a cost effective, comprehensive, end to end managed service to provide a clear path through regulatory obstacles and ensure you achieve your business and regulatory objectives. We have a team of ready to go consultants who can provide expert advisory and delivery support for your immediate requirements and a trusted team of market leading consultants on hand to provide large and small project delivery.

DBFS’ Clients, like the rest of the market are being hit with new ever-more complex regulations. At the same time, almost every financial institution has started major reviews or remediation projects as an effect either of new regulations or an FCA visit. Many organisations are also battling with constant budgetary constraints and many institutions have implemented headcount freezes. We asked ourselves – how can we help our clients meet compliance requirements under these circumstances? With over 20 years of experience delivering back office, operational services and projects to financial institutions across the UK and Europe we can provide a managed service offering and consultancy service that:

  • Leverage our strengths
  • Leverage our extensive experience in the market
  • Leverage our large network of staff and contractors
  • Leverage our regulatory practice and recruitment practice in order to quickly deliver resources to meet our customers’ requirements.

DBFS Regulatory Managed Service can help you meet a temporary need or an expected increase in workload. For example, a requirement to review a large number of cases, major remediation projects or potentially where there is a large uncertainty which may mean that getting budget to expand your workforce may not be likely. To ensure that our offering can best help our customers in these situations, we designed our managed services to be:

  • Easy to engage and disengage
  • Available on short notice
  • Able to scale up and down at will

Your time is valuable – ergo, you need a consultancy to reduce your workload, not increase it. As such, the DFBS team will not only find candidates for you to sort through – we will pre-vet the candidates using our expert recruiters and our regulatory consultancy arm, ensuring not only that candidates have the skills on paper, but that they are of the required standard, have industry exposure and have relevant experience. We will also plan and manage the training required to further avoid adding to your workload while also ensuring that your new team are ready to hit the ground running.

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