Benefits for our clients

Market Insight

Our integrated model means we are always looking down the tracks to understand industry drivers and challenges. We leverage this knowledge and combine it with our understanding of our clients' business models to map their potential skill requirements. This pro-active approach means we have high quality candidates to hand and are able to respond quickly when our clients call. We believe in working closely with our clients and are often able to offer additional services beyond standard recruitment offerings. We achieve this by:

  • Publishing thought-provoking complementary Knowledge Papers on the latest trends and challenges facing the finance industry
  • Providing a view on the next 12 months key industry changes and how they will impact potential resourcing requirements
  • Hosting ‘By Invitation Peer-to-Peer Events’ on issues faced by the industry

    Candidate Pool

    Having worked exclusively in the Financial Services industry, we have built an extensive network of reliable candidates whom we have worked with previously and whom have proven their skills and capabilities. In addition to traditional recruitment methods, our approach means we have access to passive candidates who are not necessarily available to the wider recruitment market. Our cohesive approach means all our candidates are vetted by our Consultancy arm ensuring that our candidates are fit for purpose.

    Match Making

    Finding good candidates with the right skills is just one aspect of the recruitment process - ensuring candidates are a good fit culturally and team wise is equally important. Having undertaken delivery projects with many of our clients and building long term relationships ensures we are well placed to understand how to best fill the criteria. Ensuring the right candidate fits into a team dynamic is crucial in ensuring the ultimate success of the placement which is why we spend a great deal of time ensuring we understand our clients' requirements. This match-making process ensures we are always able to short-list the best fit candidates for any given role. 

    Overall our clients benefit from:


    • Quality pre-screened candidates
    • Highly skilled candidates who fit our clients' various team dynamics 
    • Insights on availability and cost breakdown of different types of resources
    • Different engagement models including virtual benches 
    • Transparent costing ensuring real costs are built into projects / budgets
    • Industry insights and knowledge share
    • Client specific on-boarding processing


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