Candidate Benefits

We build relationships with potential candidates, many of whom are passive, by offering them benefits they will not receive through a standard recruitment model including:

  • Access to our knowledge centres and Advise thought leadership papers
  • Training on latest industry developments and practices
  • Access to Deliver tool-kits, best practice guides, software libraries, knowledge centres
  • Support from meetings with DBFS industry experts
  • Invitations to DBFS hosted industry networking events.

This ensures that we can attract, develop and retain candidates so that they want to be represented by DBFS. This in turn benefits our clients by improving speed to market and scalability for our clients resourcing requirements.

On-Going Support

We support our contractors and temporary resources within our clients by:

  • Scheduling regular CRM meetings throughout the engagement to ensure that client’s requirements are fully met
  • Offering resource management, timesheets and invoicing services and web tools
  • Access to our in-house support network and delivery libraries