Front Office

Technology and operational practices within the front office are developing at lightening speed. This is brought about as a result of the input regulators are having into trading practices and an increase in the volume and diversity of instruments now being traded. Opportunities are widespread but these opportunities attract greater risks if they are not managed in an appropriate way.

All of our clients circumstances differ as does the advice and project delivery services they may desire. We work in partnership with our clients to understand their existing trading strategies, asset classes, geographical corporate structure, regulatory compliant structures and technical sophistication amongst other factors before advising on relevant issues and enhancements they should consider.

Our differentiator is that we leverage DBFS’s existing practices including our regulatory and technology consultancy practice and our in-house High Frequency Trading (HFT) recruitment practice to deliver bespoke solutions focusing on providing a tailor-made yet flexible service. Blending this together with our concise range of well-established relationships with partners and third parties ensures our advice is current, fit-for-purpose and our bundled fees are cost-effective when compared to dealing with fragmented entities.

Typical Operational and Technical Assignments

DBFS have a solid reputation for assisting our clients in optimising their front-office practices, technology and infrastructure to assist in achieving robust forward looking success. Typical assignments include advising on the best of breed technology and execution partners. These include, which data centres/exchanges you should connect with, which OMS/pricing engine capabilities are required and which components to buy or build.

Our assignments can focus on a pure technical advisory capacity, reviewing (server, network connectivity, connection racks, market data, aggregators, smart order routing) options or we are equally capable at advising partnership management across dark pools, third parties and Prime Brokers.

These advisiory engagements at times result in DBFS running implementation programmes or managing the delivery of bespoke builds, with DBFS having successfully programme managed and provided business and technical subject matter experts for the build of e-commerce, algo-trading and bespoke best-of-breed hybrids within blue chip hedge funds and leading investment banks.


Regulatory impact

It is critical to ensure that proposed trading strategies and expansion plans factor in known regulatory changes. This covers a broad range of regulations including FTT, FATCA, MiFID II amongst many others. The DBFS team includes partners who sit on key European Regulatory Change committees and this, together with partnerships like our Regulatory Partnership with the London Stock Exchange, ensure our advice is current and when appropriate forward-looking.

Our expertise within the compliance and regulatory space have enabled DBFS to advise clients on the practical impact of the onslaught of EU and wider regulations on their trading and wider front-office processes focusing on the impact of credit, exposure and risk management.