MiFID II Round-Table Output

In March 2015, in partnership with the London Stock Exchange, DBFS hosted a MiFID II round table attended by approximately 20 representatives from buy-side firms within the financial markets.

A decision was taken prior to the event to drive the discussions towards the practical aspects of addressing the vast remit of MiFID II.

In order to do this, DBFS stated an ‘assumption’ that a breakdown of the main changes across what are commonly agreed to be the 6 categories of change (namely: market structure, internal controls, external controls, investor protection, reporting and transparency) were to be mapped out onto a white board. This was agreed to be close enough on WHAT buy side firms had to consider as the major potential changes.

This then ensured that the rest of the session focused on HOW we then address these changes by considering the most appropriate way to get started in structuring and delivering the related programme of work along with key decisions, risks and opportunities.

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